Energy Saving Light Program

Through our Energy Saving Light Program, WE can show you how to save money by reducing energy consumption.

We will recommend the most effective methods to cut costs in your specialized environment through energy efficient lighting, energy monitoring systems and more so your business can start saving energy and money without delay.

Green/High-Performance Buildings function to reduce energy consumption while simultaneously addressing wider environmental concerns. WE is at the forefront of Green innovation, and is prepared and capable to develop green energy solutions to fit any budget with a commitment to education, knowledge, and partnership.

Our Objective is to provide Energy Cost Reduction Alternatives via Auditing Electric Usage Bills and Reviewing In-Place Lighting and Sensor Controls in order to recommend cost effective and efficient alternatives.

WE is adept at LED lighting installation and LEF lighting renovation. Lighting is often the biggest consumer of energy in a building, and WE has the experience and capabilities to create lighting solutions that minimize energy consumption while maximizing interior comfort. Further, CSI's capabilities include integrating advanced lighting/daylighting controls, utilizing recycled materials, and installing energy efficient fixtures.

WE has experienced LED Accredited Professionals on staff to help guide any green project. Our experience and technical expertise gives us the enhanced ability to provide advice, design consulting, and technology recommendations that will help a project best meet required standards.

PROGRAM OUTLINE (to be tailored for each client)
1. Obtain Client￿s Electricity Bills for past 12 to 24 months
2. Chart and review bills for accuracy, trends and potential savings
3. Survey Client￿s premises for lighting and sensor controls
4. Provide bid for Energy Savings including designwork plans, estimate and savings report